USFIV Remix 2 Beta 22 – Christmas Edition

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USF4REMIX2B22 (84.6 MiB, 1297 downloads)

Merry Christmas, A pretty small update as usual, focusing on guile, with some updates to other characters.

Banning Changelist
– fixed 236K-> whiff 6K infinite

– 2HP juggles lower
– 2HK causes hard KD on both hits
– can cancel into 6HK from anything
– 6HP on counterhit allows for easy followups
– 4MK can be cancelled into 6HP and 3HK as well as 6MK
– Tweaked flashkicks to hit a bit earlier, EX version is a lot faster, but has extra recovery on block
– fixed sonic hurricane being cancellable too early
– Low sonic hurricane (214LP) is faster, but disappears on the 3rd hit
– Increased damage on 236PPP sonic boom super, and 236KKK super
– Sonic Boom super now keeps going even if you don’t press a button after the first shot

E. Honda
– EX Sumo Smash now bounces, and causes honda to rejump

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