USFIV Remix 2 Beta 23

USF4Remix2B23 (95.0 MiB, 875 downloads)

where to purchase antabuse In this version, there’s a lot of changes for Guile, Blanka, Zangief, Rufus and El Fuerte. This is the first part in the run-up to final release.


El Fuerte
– 5HK now launches on hit, can be jumpcancelled for air followups
– Fake Tostada Press (air 2LP) falls slower, can be cancelled with air attacks (Except Fake Tostada/Tostada/Fajita Buster)
– Tostada Press (air 2MP) now bounces on hit or block, can follow up with air attacks on hit
– Propellar special move added (qcb+P), allows air attack followups on hit
– Quesadilla Bomb (QCF+P)now transitions into a throw on hit (L, M versions) or on grab (H and EX versions)
H version can also be dashcancelled on startup
– Quesadilla Bomb throw can be transitioned into a slightly more damaging hard knockdown by holding Down
– air Guacamole (QCF+K) M and H versions added.
– Dropkick (QCB+K) can now be done in the air. LK/MK/HK are all the same as ground LK version
– Guacamole and Quesadilla throws can be cancelled into super moves and RC on landing
– Ultra Spark (QCF+KKK) can now catch jumping opponents

– sped up dash/backdash
– changed 2MK
– 5MP now launches and can be jumpcancelled, just like 2MP
– can cancel into spin on any normal whiff
– Spin can now be executed with both qcf+P and qcf+K
– added backwards spins (qcb+P/K)
– spin>P is now quicker

– sped up backdash and made forward dash go farther
– Removed 6HP/3HK and turned them into the regular versions
– Sped up 5HP and 2HK
– j.8HP now bounces on hit, can cancel into air special/super
– 5HK now always wallbounces on counterhit
– can no longer chain into 5HK
– can chain SPD into EX SPD and supers
– EX banishing flat now restands
– can CC and AC SPD
– ALL lariats now go through and destroy projectiles
– sped up LP lariat
– changed inputs:
– Banishing Flat: DP+P -> QCB+P
– Lariat: RDP+P > DP+P
– Running Bear Grab/ Running Atomic Buster: HCF+K/KKK -> QCF+K/KKK

– half-circle specials are now quarter-circle
– Added double jump (upback, up, upforward in the air)
– Can cancel air normals into doublejump on hit
– EX rolls final hits cause a higher juggle
– Shout of Earth has a lightning bolt at the end that does 3 hits if the opponent is close enough.
– sped up 5MP
– 2HK can be cancelled into special moves, raised dmg from 90 to 100
– slightly sped up 2HP so it feels less miserable
– lightning cannonball now does not need to be held, eventually shoots forward if no directional input
– can shoot out in most angles by inputting the direction (down/back on the ground or back in the air cancels the super)
– can now also charge cancel it at any time, and jumpcancel on hit

– removed 2HK xx sonic hurricane infinite
– 2HP is now faster and has an earlier active hitbox
– Triple Backbreaker super now has to be followed up 2x for max damage, but can be ended early for combo opportunities
(followup command is qcf+K)
– 5HK changed
– 8HP changed

– fixed QCF+K-MK infinites


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