Balrog crushing Ryu's face

USFIV Remix 2 Beta 24

USF4Remix2B24 (91.8 MiB, 34 downloads)

Sorry for the long absence, this version as usual has some bugfixes and some character overhauls. Read on for changelog:

isotretinoin ordering Chun-Li
-Jumpcancel now gets executed at a later frame to avoid an infinite on certain characters

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– removed a cancel that allowed chun-li to do 236K, teleporting her to the ground

– Now travels more horizontally than the other 3 strengths
– Can fast fall (214K) and airdash cancel any time
– Increased damage

412atk (guard counters)
– Slight changes to speed
– more obvious visuals and sfx

j.HP>HP (after multiple hits on juggled opponent) / j.2MK final hit
– now causes ground bounce

El Fuerte
– removed hit and projectile invincibility
– normals come out at a later frame to avoid infinites

236PPP (on hit)
– faster animations
– can now RC during entire move

5MP, 5HP
– increased hitbox size, changed animations

6MK, 6HK
– swapped animations, 6HK is now a slower overhead attack that bounces

– now juggles

236P Madrid Claw
– LP: Drags opponent towards Vega
– MP: Drags opponent towards and behind
– HP: Juggles and drags opponent towards
– EX: Restands

236K Crystal Flash
– All versions: Can cancel into PP (Barcelona Spin) at any point
– LK: 1 hit
– MK: 3 hits
– HK: slow startup, goes farther, 4 hits
– EX: 4 hits, less travel but faster startup

214P Claw/Mask Toss
– LP/MP/HP can counter during startup. Will cancel the claw toss
– LP counter: Fullscreen slide
– MP counter: Fullscreen claw spear attack
– HP counter: Barcelona Spin from above the opponent
– EX: No counter, but can press LP/MP/HP during startup to perform other versions. Does not cancel mask toss

214K Scarlet Terror
– Removed chip damage on all versions

214PPP Splendid Claw
– No longer loses claw

236PPP Claw beam
– Does more damage with claw, less damage without claw

-Added EX versions of Dash Straight and Dash Low

236P Dash Straight – All followup inputs changed
– P – Straight
– K – Low Punch
– 6P/K – Forward Punch
– 8P/K – Uppercut
– 2P/K – Ground Smash
– LP+LK – Feint

236K Dash Fake changed to Low Punch with the same followups as Dash Straight

4KKK Trick Spin – input changed to 4KK, altered animation and travel distance slightly
– Now has all the same followups as Dash Straight/Low

236P/K, 2P/K Ground Smash
– Bounces on hitting grounded opponent, Hard Knockdown on juggled

– increased recovery in order to prevent juggle infinite. Also changed travel distance

– changed back to hard knockdown to prevent infinites
– reduced travel

236P, 66 (Sonic Boom dash cancel)
– can no longer cancel into anything
214HP Anti-Air Hurricane
– projectile comes out faster, can no longer hit standing opponent, stays out longer
– projectile changed to a slow activation hurricane
– creates a hurricane that bounces the opponent upwards on hit, leading to aircombos etc.


236P Fragrance Palm
– Can now cancel into 214K or 236K (Galactic Tornado) on hit only

USFIV Remix 2 Beta 23