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Abel had a very troubled childhood. He is unable to truly articulate his feelings. Abel is a thoughtful fighter, and he thought that doing unblockables was probably a smart idea. Because of this he studied fighters in other fighting tournaments outside of the Street Fighter tournament and mixed their techniques into his mixed martial arts strategies. If you don't watch out, Abel is going to send you to the Next Dimension.

  • can whiff cancel c.mk and c.hk


Special Moves

Change of Direction
QCF.png PUNCH.png new followups!
4.png PUNCH.png overhead. only from CoD
4.png PUNCH.png overhead, only from 2nd Mid or Sean Kick
   Chariot Tackle
4.png LK.png only from CoD or Sean Kick. dash cancellable
   Watch yo Feet
4.png MK.png low. only from CoD or 2nd mid or Sean Kick
   Flip my Shit
4.png HK.png throw. only from CoD, any standing light kick, or close HK.png or 2nd mid or Sean Kick
Goofy Sean Kick
QCB.png KICK.png overhead. can cancel from CoD too, and cancels to some CoD followups
High Roller AIROK.PNG
QCF.png KICK.png can cancel from CoD too! AIR EX version cancels to air normals.
Tornado Throw ARMOR.PNG
HCB.png PUNCH.png throw
DP.png PUNCH.png aa throw
DP.png KICK.png blockable from close, unblockable from farther to fullscreen. Can't hit airborne.

Super Moves

Soulless 2EX.PNG U1.PNG
QCB.png X2.png PUNCH.png
Breathless 2EX.PNG U2.PNG
QCF.png X2.png KICK.png throw
The Brainless Dimension 2EX.PNG
QCB.png X2.png KICK.png allows doing 2nd part. Goes away if Abel gets knocked down.
The Brainless Dimension (2nd part)
close HP.png or close HK.png unblockable