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Balrog grabbed hold of his fight money and threw it in the toilet, then realized that was a bad idea so now he's following the sewers while fighting people so he can get his fight money back



  • LMH chains mostly, but can't chain into stand MP.png, and stand MP.png chains into any MK.png or crouch MP.png. he can do some chains on whiff

Special Moves

MK.png + HP.png can be held and released up to level 2 and 3 versions that travel farther
2CH.png 8.png PUNCH.png
fake headbutt
MP.png + HK.png
trick spin
4.png 3KICK.png press PUNCH.png or KICK.png for followup
dash air AIR.PNG
4CH.png 4.png PUNCH.png
dash fake
4CH.png 4.png KICK.png
hold and release 3PUNCH.png or 3KICK.png whiff cancels off any special or normal
dash straight
QCF.png PUNCH.png leads to followups, see below
low straight
LP.png press as you start DASH STRAIGHT, leads to followups
mid straight
MP.png press as you start DASH STRAIGHT, leads to followups
overhead straight
HP.png press as you start DASH STRAIGHT, leads to followups
LK.png press as you start DASH STRAIGHT
MK.png press as you start DASH STRAIGHT
headbutt straight
HK.png press as you start DASH STRAIGHT

rushpunch followups

low followup
QCF.png LP.png can followup twice
mid followup
QCF.png MP.png can followup twice
overhead followup
QCF.png HP.png can followup twice
lvl2 and 3 shorthop
release MK.png + HK.png

Super Moves

rushpunch super 2EX.PNG U1.PNG
QCF.png X2.png PUNCH.png
dirty butt 2EX.PNG U2.PNG
HCB.png X2.png PUNCH.png powers up TAP