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One day Dhalsim remembered that cows were delicious but then he had too much curry and beer so now he's got indigestion



  • has chains even with far limbs
  • db fierce and b fierce eat fireballs
  • special cancellable far limbs
8way airdash AIR.PNG
direction + 2PUNCH.png cancels from normals
drills AIR.PNG
2.png KICK.png
mummy AIR.PNG
2.png HP.png
2.png or 3.png KICK.png

Special Moves

yoga fire
QCF.png PUNCH.png ex versions are different depending on button combination
yoga flame
HCB.png PUNCH.png ex one crumples
yoga teleport
DP.png or RDP.png 3PUNCH.png or 3KICK.png
yoga dodge
2.png 3PUNCH.png

EX only Moves

ex upflame 1EX.PNG
HCB.png 2KICK.png upflame
ex cmd grab 1EX.PNG THROW.PNG
HCB.png LK.png yes just one button
ex armor punch 1EX.PNG
HCB.png MK.png
ex slow fireball 1EX.PNG
HCB.png HK.png

Super Moves

yoga inferno 2EX.PNG
QCF.png X2.png PUNCH.png
yoga catastrophe 2EX.PNG U1.PNG
QCB.png X2.png PUNCH.png
yoga shangrila 2EX.PNG U2.PNG AIR.PNG
QCB.png X2.png PUNCH.png