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Makoto trained so hard she learned how to harness the power of electricity. She learned that having armor during her dash would be very good, so she did that.

  • Dash cancel or jump cancel many normals and some specials
  • chains L to H, M to H, or L to fwd + MK.png
  • Dash has armor, and can cancel dash to jump (but nothing else)
  • combo off fwd throw with special cancels


  • use delayed cancels to mixup between a normal cancel into:
    • A delayed normal into a combo to beat button presses
    • delay a Command Grab to let them leave block/hitstun. HK.png grab has range to connect after LP.png > HP.png xx grab!
    • jump cancel and crossup
    • jump cancel and attack from the front with axe kicks. HK.png version has super armor!
    • use the super armor of the rushpunch to blow through button presses
    • dash cancel to close the distance
    • cancel to overhead chop to catch them low blocking!



Special Moves

Rushpunch ARMOR.PNG
QCF.png PUNCH.png Cancels to fwd.HK. EX version is jump cancellable or dash cancellable
Overhead Chop
QCB.png PUNCH.png Dash cancellable
Up Punch
DP.png PUNCH.png dash or jump cancellable
Command Grab
HCB.png KICK.png throw invincible on startup. increased range from regular game
Axe Kick AIR.PNG
QCB.png KICK.png HK.png version has ARMOR. air control on ex

Super Moves

get mad 4EX.PNG
QCF.png X2.png PUNCH.png
she gets mad
seichusen godanzuki U1.PNG 2EX.PNG
QCB.png X2.png KICK.png
abare tosanami U2.PNG 2EX.PNG
QCF.png X2.png KICK.png