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Zangief ate his wheaties now he can shove his fist into rude places



splash AIR.PNG
2.png HP.png
knees AIR.PNG
2.png LK.png
splash chain AIR.PNG
LK.png or LP.png or 2.png LK.png FOLLOWUP.PNG 2.png HP.png
great siberian sweep
3.png HK.png can be cancelled into normal throw before it hits
3hk chain 1
MP.png FOLLOWUP.PNG 3.png HK.png
3hk chain 2
2.png MK.png FOLLOWUP.PNG 3.png HK.png
tunguska reset
6.png THROW.PNG then KICK.png

Special Moves

spinning pile driver THROW.PNG
360.png PUNCH.png
suplex THROW.PNG
360.png KICK.png
booger hand
DP.png PUNCH.png lots of active frames
running bear grab THROW.PNG
DP.png KICK.png
bear cancel

Super Moves

final atomic buster 2EX.PNG THROW.PNG
360.png X2.png PUNCH.png
running atomic buster 3EX.PNG U1.PNG THROW.PNG
360.png X2.png 2PUNCH.png
siberian blizzard 2EX.PNG U2.PNG AIR.PNG
360.png X2.png KICK.png