USF4Remix 2.0 Beta 3 (22.1 MiB, 184 downloads)

– Cody MP-HP-Zonk juggle infinite
– Dan cl.MP HPGadouken juggle infinite
– Dan cr.MK juggle infinite
– Chun-li and Zangief lights not chaining properly
– Rose 5MP juggle infinite as well as other possible mediums infinites

2.0 Beta 2 Changelog
– Includes remixlauncher and readmes
– Fixed Dhalsim Yoga Noogie only being 1 button
– Nerfed Evil Ryu qcf+MK so you can’t easily link a medium normal after
– Nerfed Akuma st.HK slightly by increasing recovery
Decapre still randomly desyncs when playing online. It’s not 100% clear which move is the problem, so it’s gonna be a work in progress to find out why she does this. USF4 Got a bunch of weird new bugs related to speed modifiers that SSF4/AE didn’t have, so it’s likely she always had this in some form.

After 1.2, we were intending to make another update down the line.
Real life stuff happened, so I decided to make a new version that mixed things up a bit. There’s a bunch of stuff we didn’t add because it’d take a lot of time, so 2.0 is an attempt to add some of this stuff, as well as rebalance a lot of the characters.

The movelist wiki has also been updated for 2.0.

USF4Remix 2.0 Beta 1 (22.1 MiB, 53 downloads)

Hit the plurgis to find out what’s new!


Hey so there were a lot of bugs remaining, so we fixed those and also put in something else. A lil bit of feature creep you might say. Non-intrusive of course. Nobody likes Omega mode anyway.

Anotak is also going to try running a Remix tourney at Final Round, so be there! You can also not be there but you better have a good reason!

USF4Remix1.2 (16.6 MiB, 1976752 downloads)


Remix 1.1
This is a small update to fix a bunch of bugs and other issues in 1.0. This version also has an ingame movelist for ALL languages as opposed to just for english, as well as a couple movelist fixes.

USF4Remix1.1 (15.1 MiB, 1613 downloads)


It’s finally here! Expect there to be a 1.1 or something way down the line with some extras but this is more or less it for us with this mod. It’s been like 5 years of work and frustration and fun and sudden new versions of SF4 itself. People have been taking this to events and played it and recommended it, and I hope this will keep happening!
No changelog this time, idk where it went.
(edit: uploaded a new package with a new launcher. A small number of people with nonstandard install directories/registry trees had issues running it. If your install already works you don’t have to redownload)

Have at it:

USF4Remix1.0a (new launcher) (10.8 MiB, 1963 downloads)

– fixed gameplay freeze with super demon flip throw (thanks error1 & uberchair)

fei long
– backhands force stand on hit (thanks onesanitarium)

– 6lk no longer chains to itself
– 9mk hitbox fiddling
– lk spinkick does 1 less frame of hitstun (thanks error1)

– high 2nd fb recovers slower
– 1 less frame of hitstun on fireballs (thanks error1)

– fixed some infs did something

– fixed hp elbow inf
– f+mk in other stance

– ppp~qcf+pp didnt use meter. it does now

USF4REMIX RC4 (10.8 MiB, 1510697 downloads)

Some infinites fixed. Thanks to Error1, DEClimax, and Hyperhal for bringing them to our attention.

USF4REMIX RC3 (10.8 MiB, 232 downloads)


A small update for viper’s infinite on tall characters, as well as some small fixes and changes.

USF4REMIX RC2 (10.8 MiB, 197 downloads)


So here we are, with the first release candidate for 1.0 of Remix.
Hopefully people will play and give feedback to us either on this post, in the forum, in the Steam Group:
( )
or through our IRC channel on #sf4remix

There’s also finally a packed in complete movelist in .pdf form included in the zip. It not only has moves but also some hints as to how to play each character, and it’s actually better than the wiki in terms of information right now (sorry about that!)

USF4REMIX RC1 (10.8 MiB, 197 downloads)