USF4 Remix 1.1 released

Remix 1.1
This is a small update to fix a bunch of bugs and other issues in 1.0. This version also has an ingame movelist for ALL languages as opposed to just for english, as well as a couple movelist fixes.

USF4Remix1.1 (15.1 MiB, 1695 downloads)

Ultra Street Fighter IV Remix 1.0 Released!

It’s finally here! Expect there to be a 1.1 or something way down the line with some extras but this is more or less it for us with this mod. It’s been like 5 years of work and frustration and fun and sudden new versions of SF4 itself. People have been taking this to events and played it and recommended it, and I hope this will keep happening!
No changelog this time, idk where it went.
(edit: uploaded a new package with a new launcher. A small number of people with nonstandard install directories/registry trees had issues running it. If your install already works you don’t have to redownload)

Have at it:

USF4Remix1.0a (new launcher) (10.8 MiB, 2119 downloads)

USF4Remix RC4

– fixed gameplay freeze with super demon flip throw (thanks error1 & uberchair)

fei long
– backhands force stand on hit (thanks onesanitarium)

– 6lk no longer chains to itself
– 9mk hitbox fiddling
– lk spinkick does 1 less frame of hitstun (thanks error1)

– high 2nd fb recovers slower
– 1 less frame of hitstun on fireballs (thanks error1)

– fixed some infs did something

– fixed hp elbow inf
– f+mk in other stance

– ppp~qcf+pp didnt use meter. it does now

USF4REMIX RC4 (10.8 MiB, 1510749 downloads)