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Cammy sold her bones for power.



Chains SPC.PNG
LIGHT.png > MP.png > MK.png > HVY.png
Dash Chains SPC.PNG Heavies wallbounce, launch, knock down etc
LP.png > LK.png > MP.png > MK.png > HVY.png
Airdash Charge Cancel AIR.PNG
MP.png + MK.png
Airdash AIR.PNG
2PUNCH.png or 4.png 2PUNCH.png
6.png 6.png or 4.png 4.png

Special Moves

Spiral Arrow SC.PNG AIROK.PNG Air version cancels to Cannon Strike
QCF.png KICK.png
Cannon Spike SC.PNG Can be late Charge Dashcancelled
DP.png KICK.png
Cannon Strike SC.PNG EX: Can be cancelled to regular Cannon Strike
QCB.png KICK.png
Axle Spin Knuckle SC.PNG
QCB.png PUNCH.png
Hooligan EX: Can also be cancelled to Airdash
QCF.png PUNCH.png
Followup.png Cancel to
PUNCH.png / KICK.png
Followup.png Throw THROW.PNG Must be done close on standing opponent
LP.png + LK.png
Followup.png Leg Slicer
Do Nothing

Super Moves

Super Cannon Strike AIR.PNG
QCB.png 3KICK.png
Spindrive Smasher
QCF.png 3KICK.png
Gyrodrive Smasher U1.PNG
DP.png 3KICK.png
CQC Counter U2.PNG
QCB.png 3PUNCH.png
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