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SPOILER ALERT: Oni is actually Akuma in disguise.



Chains SPC.PNG
MED.png > HVY.png > Cmd. Normal
6.png MP.png
Big Palm SPC.PNG
6.png HP.png
Toe Kick SPC.PNG
6.png MK.png
Roundhouse Kick SPC.PNG
6.png HK.png
Airdash AIR.PNG
4.png 4.png / 6.png 6.png
FastFall AIR.PNG
2.png 2.png

Oni can hold certain buttons to power up attacks. Can dash cancel while holding the button, before the attack comes out.

Gut buster SPC.PNG
Hold MP.png
Knock down SPC.PNG Hard Knockdown
Hold 6.png MP.png
Shiny Palm SPC.PNG Unblockable. Crumples
Hold HP.png
Shiny Push SPC.PNG Unblockable. Wall Bounces
Hold 6.png HP.png

Special Moves

Hadoken SC.PNG Can charge by holding PUNCH. Can also dash cancel the charge
QCF.png PUNCH.png
Air Electric Hadoken AIR.PNG
QCF.png PUNCH.png
Demon Slash SC.PNG
QCB.png PUNCH.png
Followup.png Followup SC.PNG MP.png HP.png and EX are special cancellable
4.png PUNCH.png
Demon Palm SC.PNG Can cancel into Air Electric Hadoken
DP.png KICK.png
Tatsu AIROK.PNG Can canel into Super Hadoken
QCB.png KICK.png
Demon Punch SC.PNG
DP.png PUNCH.png

Super Moves

Raging Demon 4EX.PNG AIROK.PNG
LP.png LP.png 6.png LK.png HP.png
Super Hadoken U1.PNG AIROK.PNG Hold 8.png during during ground version for the AA hadoken
QCF.png 3PUNCH.png
Big Super Flame Attack U2.PNG
QCB.png 3PUNCH.png
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