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Dudley gets lost in his own rose garden. After months of staying alive eating roses, he enters a new state of being known as "Dadly". He escapes and becomes the world's greatest dad.

Dudley doesn't have any children.



Can chain into all command normals from regular normals on whiff

Command Normal SPC.PNG
6.png LP.png
Command Normal SPC.PNG
6.png MP.png
Command Normal SPC.PNG Wallbounce on juggle
6.png HP.png
Command Normal SPC.PNG
6.png LK.png
Command Normal SPC.PNG
6.png MK.png
Command Normal OH.PNG SPC.PNG
6.png HK.png

Special Moves

MachineGun SC.PNG Can be cancelled into Duck forward
HCF.png PUNCH.png
Rose Throw SC.PNG Can be cancelled into Duck forward
HCB.png PUNCH.png
Jet Upper SC.PNG
DP.png PUNCH.png
Cross Counter COUNTER.PNG EX: Counter ends in wallbounce
HCB.png 6.png PUNCH.png
DP.png KICK.png
Duck forward SC.PNG Can be cancelled into standing normals
HCF.png KICK.png
Backward Dodge SC.PNG Can be cancelled into standing normals
HCB.png KICK.png
Followup.png Jet Upper SC.PNG
8.png PUNCH.png
Followup.png Straight SPC.PNG
2.png PUNCH.png
Followup.png Thunderbolt SC.PNG
8.png KICK.png
Followup.png Uppercut SPC.PNG
2.png KICK.png

Super Moves

Super Jet Upper
DP.png 3PUNCH.png
Rolling Thunder U1.PNG
HCF.png 3KICK.png
Corkscrew Cross U2.PNG
HCF.png 3PUNCH.png
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