Major Changes

Aside from new movelists and changed move properties, these are some of the most noticeable mechanical changes in Remix. There are plenty of aesthetic changes too - play and find out!


  • Movement speed is tweaked to be faster for improved footsie game, and more fun!
    • Certain animations (super/ultra animations) have been altered or sped up too.
  • Certain characters now have chains. Some other characters have restricted specific chains.
  • Dash changes
    • Most characters can cancel forward dashes into attacks (except Makoto).
    • Some characters can cancel backward dash into attacks too!
  • Throw tech window is 15 frames with a visual cue for when you can/cannot throw tech.


  • New supers added to characters
  • Animations have been changed or sped up
  • Super motions are now mostly special motion + 3PUNCH.png or 3KICK.png
  • Supers cost 2EX.PNG unless otherwise noted
  • The Ultra Meter is now only used for Alpha Counters and Charge Cancels (see below)
    • U1.PNG and U2.PNG now act like regular supers
    • Pick the REMIX option when selecting ultras, as there are no damage downsides anymore.

Basic Actions

  • Focus Attack is gone (replaced with the Charge)
  • Charge Cancels (EX Cancels, Roman Cancels, etc...) are in:
    • You can cancel most grounded and airborne moves, sometimes even supers.
    • You can hold the buttons and charge super and ultra meter.
  • Alpha Counters are in:
    • Puts both players back in a neutral position.
    • Baitable (easily by Charge Cancels)
    • Throw vulnerable
  • Get-up roll is in:
    • KOF-style recovery roll while rising only (allows for quick rise instead)
    • Baitable
    • Very short invuln period, then goes to counter-hit state
  • Juggles
    • Medium and Heavy normals will always juggle. Light normals will force a reset
    • Special moves do not obey this rule

Minor Changes

Changes that are still important but may not be immediately obvious.

  • Characters turn around on crossup, making crossups possible with any air normal.
  • Many aerial light and medium normals have heavy hitstun on block.
  • Ground heavy normals cause armor break.
  • Characters do not deal stun damage.
  • Most charge times have been decreased.

System-wide inputs

MP.png + MK.png
Hold MP.png + MK.png to build meter
Charge Cancel 1ULTRA.png
MP.png + MK.png
Hold MP.png + MK.png to build meter
Alpha Counter 1ULTRA.png
HP.png + HK.png
Also during Block
4.png or 6.png + 2PUNCH.png / 2KICK.png
During the "get up" animation
Neutral + 3PUNCH.png 3KICK.png
Drains a little meter

Character Select
DCP.png Ryu.png Ken.png Honda.png Ibuki.png Makoto.png Dudley.png Seth.png Gouken.png Akuma.png Gen.png Dan.png Sakura.png Oni.png ELN.png
Yun.png Juri.png Chunli.png Dhalsim.png Abel.png Cviper.png Bison.png Sagat.png Cammy.png Deejay.png Cody.png Guy.png Hakan.png RLN.png PSN.png
Eryu.png Guile.png Blanka.png Zangief.png Rufus.png Fuerte.png Vega.png Balrog.png Feilong.png Hawk.png Adon.png Rose.png Yang.png HUG.png

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