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Major Changes

Aside from new movelists and changed move properties, these are some of the most noticeable mechanical changes in Remix. There are plenty of aesthetic changes too - play and find out!


  • Movement speed is tweaked to be faster for improved footsie game, and more fun!
    • Certain animations (super/ultra animations) have been altered or sped up too.
  • Certain characters now have chains. Some other characters have restricted specific chains.
  • Dash changes
    • Most characters can cancel forward dashes into attacks (except Makoto).
    • Some characters can cancel backward dash into attacks too!
  • Throw tech window is 15 frames with a visual cue for when you can/cannot throw tech.


  • New supers added to characters
  • Animations have been changed or sped up
  • Super motions are now mostly special motion + 2PUNCH.png or 2KICK.png
  • Supers cost 2EX.PNG unless otherwise noted
  • The Ultra Meter is now only used for Alpha Counters and Charge Cancels (see below)
    • U1.PNG and U2.PNG now act like regular supers
    • Pick the REMIX option when selecting ultras, as there are no damage downsides anymore.

Basic Actions

  • Focus Attack is gone (replaced with the Charge)
  • Charge Cancels (EX Cancels, Roman Cancels, etc...) are in:
    • You can cancel most moves, sometimes even supers.
    • You can hold the buttons and build meter, making supers a lot more available.
  • Alpha Counters are in:
    • Puts both players back in a neutral position.
    • Baitable (easily by Charge Cancels)
    • Throw vulnerable
  • Get-up roll is in:
    • KOF-style recovery roll while rising only (allows for quick rise instead)
    • Baitable
    • Very short invuln period, then goes to counter-hit state
  • Juggles
    • All medium and heavy normals will always juggle. Light normals will force a reset
    • Special moves do not obey this rule

Minor Changes

Changes that are still important but may not be immediately obvious.

  • Characters turn around on crossup, making crossups possible with any air normal.
  • Many aerial light and medium normals have heavy hitstun on block.
  • Ground heavy normals cause armor break.
  • Characters do not deal stun damage.
  • Most charge times have been decreased.

System-wide inputs

Charge Hold MP.png + MK.png to build meter
MP.png + MK.png
Charge Cancel 1ULTRA.png Hold MP.png + MK.png to build meter
MP.png + MK.png
Alpha Counter 1ULTRA.png Also during Block
HP.png + HK.png
Roll During the "get up" animation
4.png or 6.png + 2PUNCH.png / 2KICK.png
Taunt Drains a little meter
Neutral + 3PUNCH.png 3KICK.png

Character Select
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