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Seth went to the top of the mountain and learned how to cancel fireballs into teleports and whiff cancel his far fierce into specials! He has cool chains too! Now he's out for revenge because Dan killed his father.



  • you can cancel all air normals to teleport or divekick even on whiff
Air Stretchy Arm AIR.PNG
2.png HP.png
Ground Stretchy Arm SPC.PNG
6.png HP.png
Teleports AIROK.PNG cancels from air normals
6.png or 4.png 3PUNCH.png or 3KICK.png

Special Moves

Sonic Boom SC.PNG Cancels to Teleports or crush
QCF.png PUNCH.png
Suck in SC.PNG
QCB.png PUNCH.png
RDP.png PUNCH.png
Command grab
HCB.png KICK.png
Divekick AIR.PNG possible to cancel from normals or from one version into another on whiff
QCB.png KICK.png

Super Moves

Tandy storm hold the buttons to make him do the whole thing
QCB.png 3PUNCH.png
Invisibility Makes seth invisible apart from when he does a move
HCF.png 3KICK.png
Followup.png Visible Push Only available when invisible
HCF.png 3KICK.png
Fullscreen U1.PNG
QCF.png 3PUNCH.png
Behold the glory U2.PNG
HCB.png 3KICK.png
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