T. Hawk

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T. Hawk (Thomas Hawk) loves his hawk. His hawk loves thinking about pecking Dan's eyes out.



Headbutt OH.PNG SPC.PNG Can be cancelled into from any grounded normal
6.png HP.png
Air Elbow AIR.PNG
2.png MP.png
Body Splash AIR.PNG Stays out until landing
2.png HP.png

Special Moves

Tomahawk Buster SC.PNG MP.png HP.png and EX can be cancelled into dive on hit
DP.png PUNCH.png
Condor Dive AIR.PNG
HCB.png PUNCH.png
Condor Spire HP.png and EX version cancels into any Dive on hit
HCB.png PUNCH.png
Mexican Typhoon EX: Groundbounces
DP.png KICK.png

Super Moves

Double Typhoon
DP.png 3KICK.png
Respect the Land U1.PNG
HCB.png 3PUNCH.png
Raging Slash U2.PNG
DP.png 3PUNCH.png
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