E. Honda

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Honda lost some weight and found out that he is now strong enough to maintain flight in the air. Little does he know that he has cancer.



Cmd. Normals SPC.PNG
6.png MED.png
6.png HVY.png
Air Cmd. Normals
2.png MP.png
2.png HVY.png
Morrigan dash Let go of 6.png to cancel
6.png 6.png hold

Special Moves

100 Hand Slap SC.PNG Catches opponent in the slap vortex
QCF.png PUNCH.png
Stomp SC.PNG Can cancel into back or forward dash on hit
QCF.png KICK.png
Air Buttstomp AIR.PNG
QCB.png KICK.png
Oityo Throw THROW.PNG
HCB.png PUNCH.png

Super Moves

Hyper Stomp SC.PNG hold LK.png MK.png or HK.png to determine pattern
QCF.png 3KICK.png
Oni Musou U1.PNG
QCF.png 3PUNCH.png
Hyper Grab U2.PNG
HCB.png 3PUNCH.png
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