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Basic System - Find out what's new about Remix 2.0.

Guide - Guide for the movelists.

1.2 Movelists - For the pre-2.0 version of Remix.

Credits - Huge thanks to everyone on this list!

Character Select

DecapreRyuKenE. HondaIbukiMakotoDudleySethGoukenAkumaGenDanSakuraOniElenaYunJuriChun-LiDhalsimAbelC. ViperM. BisonSagatCammyDeejayCodyGuyHakanRolentoPoisonEvil RyuGuileBlankaZangiefRufusEl FuerteVegaBalrogFei LongT. HawkAdonRoseYangHugoCharsel.png