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Is it a dog or a dragon? It's both




Ryuugen is a glass cannon character with a special gimmick.

He has the ability to EX chain into 3A, 2B, 4B, forward dash and airdash from any normal, special or EX move. His 3rd EX icon refills over time, and lets him do an EX cancel two times before it has to recharge.


5A: Standard light attack. Fast, has very little reach, leads into his autocombo. Cancels into 2A/5B/2B/6B.

2A: Slightly longer reach than 5A. 2AA automatically chains into 2B. Cancels into 5B.

1A: Faster but shorter than 2A. 1AAA automatically chains 1A>2A>2B. Cancels into 5B.

3A: Overhead with less reach than the impact leads you to believe. Can link into 5A on hit. EX chainable.

5B: Moves Ryuugen forward.

2B: Ryuugen spins around with a sword while crouching for a 2hit normal. EX chainable.

4B: Sword uppercut that can hit up to 3 times. His AA normal. EX chainable.

6B: Launcher.

j.A: Standard light jump normal. Hits standing when ascending. "Tumble attack".

j.B: Large heavy jumping normal.

j.8A: An upwards kick in the air.

Special Inputs[edit]

j.6C: Ryuugen dives down and quickly lands from a jump. Can even be done on hit.

66 (tap)(also in air): EX dash/airdash. (uses 1 EX chain)

  • Regular dash is done with 66 (hold).


5AAA:3hits, then launches. Can follow up with AAA for a 3 hit aircombo.

1AAA:4hits. Does 1A,2A,2B.

j.AAA: Standard air chain.

Special Moves[edit]

236A/B (also in air): Spinning Uppercut.

  • Strike invincible on startup.

236C (also in air): EX Spinning Uppercut.

  • Has more of a forward trajectory.
  • Has more startup Strike invincibility.

214A/B: Crossup slash.

  • Puts you on the other side of the opponent.
  • On hit, it puts you close to the opponent on the other side, which lets you easily EX chain.
  • If blocked, you can't do anything on the other side, and you'll have to wait for the animation to finish, or cancel into the EX chain on the same side.

214C: EX Crossup slash.

  • Press A/B for 2 more followups.
  • Since it's an EX move, you can cancel into it from the A/B version.

214A/B (in air): Flame spin. Ryuugen launches himself forward in an arc while on fire.

  • Bounces off opponent on hit or block.

214C (in air): EX Flame spin. Ryuugen launches himself straight forward while on fire except it's purple.

  • Does 2 more attacks on hit.
  • Does not bounce off on block like the A/B version.

Super Moves[edit]

236236A (also in air): Ryuugen turns himself into a flaming wheel and rolls forward towards his opponent.

Awaken Art - 236236B: Ryuugen shoots up-forward and launches into a series of attacks on hit.

  • Anti-air super.
  • Can also hit standing opponents.

General Strategy[edit]