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Takuto getting ready to punch you dead




DragonBlast's undisputed king of face-to-face, rushdown pressure. Like a handful of other characters in the game, he can cancel his attacks into dashes. He also comes with his own EX Stock, much like Ryuugen, where he can cancel into other command normals. Combined with fast buttons and strong reversals, he's a major threat when he gets in.


5A: Light jab. Very fast, and nice range. Dash and Special Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5A - 5AA. Manually chains into 4A, 3A, 5B, 6B, 3B, 2B, and 4B.

  • 5AA: Medium uppercut. Nearly as fast as above. Similar range. Dash and Special Cancellable. Auto-chains into 5AA. Manually chains into 5B and 2B.
  • 5AAA: Jojo reference. High-speed rapid succession of 11 punches. Ends in blowback state, wall-splat near the corner. Dash and Special Cancellable.

2A: Rapid low crouching light jab. Dash and Special Cancellable. Manually chains into 5A, 4A, 3A, 5B, 6B, 3B, 2B, and 4B.

6A: Thrust-kick. Fast start-up, solid range from Takuto himself. Dash and Special Cancellable. Stock Normal.

4A: Weave-in and out uppercut. Unthrowable. Dash and Special Cancellable. Stock Normal.

3A: Overhead Jacknife kick. Free confirm on standing hit. Spikes to the ground on airborne opponent. Low invul. EX and Super Cancellable. Stock Normal.

5B: Standing Heavy Haymaker. Dash and Special Cancellable.

2B: Crouching low fist sweep. Dash and Special Cancellable.

6B: Medium straight punch. Pulls opponent in on contact. Dash and Special Cancellable. Stock Normal.

4B: Uppercut. Very fast, but short-ranged. Dash and Special Cancellable.

3B: Sliding sweep. Notable start-up. Dash and Special Cancellable. Stock Normal.

j.A: Jumping light jab. Very fast start-up. Lingers for a while. Similar range to 5A.

j.?A: Jumping Medium punch. Very fast start-up. Can fuzzy opponent on beginning of jump.

j.B: Jumping Heavy punch.

j.3A: Air jacknife. Keeps overhead property. Does two hits rather than one. Stock Normal.


(6)C: Takuto headbutts his opponent into the ground, bouncing them off of it.

  • Very low recovery, making follow-ups easy.

(4)C: Takuto Judo throws his opponent behind him.

  • Distance is somewhat far.
  • High recovery makes follow-ups impossible.

Special Moves[edit]

236A/B: Blast Knuckle

214A/B: Babel

Super Moves[edit]

236236A: Guns Raid

236236B: Kakusei Ogi: Ground Zero

General Strategy[edit]